PR7s Grow serves as the gateway to rugby, offering introductory sessions, flag or touch rugby leagues, and mentorship opportunities led by PR7s players or coaches, catering to both kids and adults looking to discover the sport.

Development Camps

PR7s camps are tailored for both aspiring players seeking skill advancement and newcomers eager to explore rugby. With the PR7s coaching staff and top-tier athletes from across the globe, attendees receive elite instruction in a supportive environment. Whether you’re looking to hone your abilities or discover the sport for the first time, this three-day camp welcomes participants of all levels.

Coaching Seminars

Under the guidance of USA 15s National Coach Mike Tolkin and 2020 & 2016 Olympics Coach Richie Walker, we’re dedicated to empowering coaches across the US to deepen their understanding of the game. Our mission involves dissecting tactics, refining coaching plans, and much more. Development experiences will occur through insightful classroom sessions where we’ll review coaching tactics, pathways, and a Q&A session.

Stay Up To Date

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