PR7s Pathways is a journey crafted for aspiring athletes to transition from good to great, guided by experienced coaching staff and immersive training experiences. It’s a community where you’ll connect with leaders in the sport, learning and growing alongside the best. Whether your goal is to go pro or represent your country at the national level, our pathway program is designed to help you cultivate your skills and reach your highest potential.

We provide avenues for aspiring athletes to gain exposure and opportunities for selection to PR7s franchises or top college programs through scouting combines tailored for rugby and crossover athletes, with PR7s staff dedicated to supporting talent development and visibility.

Academy Teams

Introducing Academy Teams: PR7s’ premier junior teams for boys and girls U19. Our program offers local talent the chance to elevate their game with expert coaching and ample opportunities for growth. Stay tuned for future Pathway programs in PR7s markets. Join us and embark on your journey to rugby excellence!

Introducing the first PR7s Academy Team, the Jr. Locals located in the tri-state area!

Register here to learn more about the Locals Academy Team, beginning Fall of 2024.

Additional Academy Teams coming to other PR7s markets soon

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Talent ID Trials

Talent ID Trials provide aspiring athletes with the chance to shine and earn their spot in PR7s. It’s the pathway to professionalism, where players showcase their abilities in speed, agility, skills, and game performance. This isn’t just a trial; it’s a pivotal opportunity for athletes to shape the future of rugby.

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