PR7s Rise

PR7s Rise is the grassroots initiative of Premier Rugby Sevens, dedicated to cultivating the next generation of rugby talent and growing the game across America.

Premier Rugby Sevens aims to lead the way in three distinct aspects of the game: PR7s Grow, PR7s Compete, and PR7s Pathways. No matter your level of experience, there’s a tailored offering for everyone to improve their game.

PR7s Pathways

A journey for aspiring athletes to transition from good to elite, guided by experienced coaches through immersive academy programs and competitive showcases.

PR7s Compete

Dedicated to advancing the world of rugby sevens by hosting premier events at both youth and amateur levels.

PR7s Grow

The gateway to rugby, offering introductory sessions, and mentorship opportunities led by PR7s players or coaches, catering to both kids and adults looking to discover the sport.

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