Forty Athletes from Premier Rugby Sevens Named 2024 Olympians

Eleven teams competing in Paris will feature men and women from PR7s

(NEW YORK – July 18, 2024) – Forty men and women athletes from Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s) are scheduled to play across 11 rugby teams at the 2024 Paris Olympics starting this month. PR7s is the first sports organization of its kind, with eight men’s and eight women’s teams competing under one umbrella with equal pay. The Rugby Sevens Olympic schedule in Paris starts with pool play on Wednesday, July 24, two days ahead of the Opening Ceremonies. 

“Rugby Sevens will be one of the must-watch events of the Olympic Games, captivating new audiences around the world,” said Owen Scannell, Founder and CEO of Premier Rugby Sevens. “France’s deep passion for the sport of rugby will create an unforgettable atmosphere, and we’re excited to see so many of our athletes at PR7s performing on the biggest stage.”

With Rugby 7s making its Olympic debut in 2016, Team USA aims to medal for the first time on the men’s and women’s sides. Stacey Waaka, who played last year for the New York Locals in PR7s, and her New Zealand teammates are determined to defend their 2020 Tokyo Gold Medal. The Fijian men’s squad, which features two PR7s athletes from the SoCal Loggerheads, strives to extend their Gold Medal streak to three. The Fijian men won gold in both Brazil and Tokyo. 

“Having 40 athletes from Premier Rugby Sevens competing at the Olympics is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our players and coaches,” said Mike Tolkin, General Manager of Premier Rugby Sevens. “Our mission is to provide an inclusive platform where men and women athletes can compete at the highest levels here in the United States.”

Below is a country-by-country look at the PR7s athletes expected to compete. The following lists are subject to change.

United States Men’s

  • Perry Baker (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Orrin Bizer (New York Locals)
  • Adam Channel (Golden State Retrievers)
  • Aaron Cummings (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Naima Fuala’au (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Madison Hughes (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Matai Leuta (SoCal Loggerheads)
  • Stephen Tomasin (Northern Loonies)
  • Marcus Tupuola (Northern Loonies)
  • Pita Vi (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Kevon Williams (SoCal Loggerheads)

United States Women’s

  • Kayla Canett (Pittsburgh Steeltoes)
  • Lauren Doyle (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Alev Kelter (Northern Loonies)
  • Kristi Kirshie (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Sarah Levy (Northern Loonies)
  • Alena Olsen (Southern Headliners)
  • Ariana Ramsey (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Steph Rovetti (SoCal Loggerheads)
  • Alex Spiff Sedrick (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Sammy Sullivan (Pittsburgh Steeltoes)
  • Naya Tapper (Southern Headliners)
  • Kris Thomas (Texas Team)

Brazil Women’s

  • Luiza Campos (Texas Team)
  • Mariana Nicolau (Rocky Mountain Experts)
  • Bianca Silva (Northern Loonies)

Canada Women’s

  • Caroline Crossley (Northern Loonies)
  • Asia Hogan-Rochester (Pittsburgh Steeltoes)
  • Carissa Norsten (Northern Loonies)

Fiji Men’s

  • Iowane Teba (SoCal Loggerheads)
  • Waisea Nacuqu (SoCal Loggerheads)

Fiji Women’s

  • Ana Maria Naimasi (SoCal Loggerheads)
  • Reapi Ulunisau (SoCal Loggerheads)

Japan Women’s

  • Chiharu Nakamura (Rocky Mountain Experts)

New Zealand Men’s

  • Brady Rush (Southern Headliners)

New Zealand Women’s

  • Manaia Nuku (New York Locals)
  • Alena Saili (Texas Team)
  • Stacey Waaka (New York Locals)

Samoa Men’s

  • Paul Scanlan (Golden State Retrievers)

South Africa Women’s

  • Shona Weston (SoCal Loggerheads)

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