The last regular season stop comes to beautiful Pittsburgh

The last regular season stop on the tour comes to beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and everything is still on the line. Who from the Eastern Conference will join the Experts, men’s Rhinos x Loggerheads, and women’s Loonies in DC?

The teams are in town and ready to rock – here’s how they can advance to the Championship.

On the men’s side, the clear favorite here is the Texas Team. Like the other one-seeds, the mission is simple: win and plan a trip to the District. The Locals are not far behind with a number of combinations putting them through to the Championship – a first-round win, however, is key to ensuring that dream remains alive.

More material work lies ahead for the Steeltoes and Headliners. While the Steeltoes men will have the home crowd on their side, they have the most work to do. Two must-win games or their season stops on the banks of the Ohio. The Headliners are in a similar scenario. However, should they advance and face the Team in the finals, they will be joining them regardless of how they fare.

On the women’s side, the Headliners look to continue their dominant ways and have added reinforcements, including the key return of 2022 MVP Grace Kukutai to the squad. They need one win on the day and will be confirmed to go forward. The Locals, like their male counterparts, will also be in a strong position, provided they win their opener.

The Steeltoes women will advance with a win, and a Headliners win on the far side of the bracket, while the Team must win out to keep their season alive. Notably – this marks a departure from the 3 other conference championships thus far, where the 4 seed does not have the “backdoor” advantage toward clinching a championship berth.

There are two ways Sunday will play out in Pittsburgh – either the one seeds continue their dominant showings, and we know the DC matchups by the end of the semi-finals. Or…a one seed goes down, and the “chaos” bracket begins. Only one way to find out, tune in on Sunday to CBS Sports Network at 3 PM Eastern!