Driven by Legacy: Amanda Hull’s Journey in Premier Rugby Sevens

Amanda Hull’s journey in Premier Rugby Sevens is a heartfelt story of perseverance, mentorship, and tribute. Even after securing a spot on the Northern Loonies in 2023, Amanda participated in the league’s Kansas City ID Trials recently as she seeks to deepen her commitment to rugby and her community. We caught up with Amanda to learn more about her dedication to the sport and what drives her to keep getting better.

Amanda’s rugby adventure began at 22, a testament to the sport’s inclusive nature. Her search for a competitive outlet led her to the Kansas City Jazz Women’s Rugby Club, where she met Coach Maeli Fuimaono. Fuimaono recognized Amanda’s potential and dedicated himself to her development.

Sadly, in 2021, Fuimaono, who was a fixture in the Kansas City community in rugby and out, passed away after a cancer diagnosis. His loss hit everyone, including Amanda, hard. 

Amanda recalls, “Coach Fuimaonao invested large amounts of his time in developing me as a player and teaching me the game. He would go on to be incredibly influential in my rugby journey and become like family to me.”

“I have dedicated my training and career to honoring him as a coach, mentor, and friend,” she added.

This dedication has driven her continued involvement in rugby, especially in Premier Rugby Sevens. Motivated by more than just personal success, Amanda returned to PR7s’ ID Trials, seeking to secure her place on the team, mentor newcomers, and contribute to the PR7s rugby youth camps. Her efforts reflect a commitment to fostering a supportive environment, mirroring the kindness she experienced. 

“At the two ID trials I’ve been to for PR7s, I’ve been blown away by the support and kindness from the athletes competing in the trials alongside me.”

Amanda’s approach to rugby is characterized by diligence and a desire to improve. Coaches have noted her preparedness and skill, qualities that stem from her dedication to the sport and her late coach’s legacy. 

Reflecting on her professional status, Amanda shares, “To me, being called a professional relates specifically to the environment and level of competition. This environment gives me opportunities to learn and grow at a high level where I’m being challenged.”

As the Premier Rugby Sevens league expands, so does Amanda’s role. She views the league’s growth as exciting and a testament to the increasing opportunities for women in the sport. Amanda’s story is about her achievements on the field, her contributions to the rugby community, and her mission to honor Coach Fuimaono’s legacy.

Through her actions, Amanda exemplifies the values of mentorship, resilience, and community at the heart of rugby.