Premier Rugby Sevens Launches PR7s Rise to Develop Youth Rugby Across America for Girls and Boys

PR7s teams up with Kansas City Current of NWSL to launch PR7s Rise in July – New York Locals to launch first PR7s Academy in the Fall

(NEW YORK – June 20, 2024) – Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s), the pinnacle of professional rugby in the United States for women and men, today announced the launch of PR7s Rise, a comprehensive initiative designed to cultivate the next generation of rugby talent and expand the sport’s reach across the country.

“As rugby returns to the Olympic stage this summer in Paris, the timing is perfect to launch PR7s Rise to elevate the sport of rugby in America at the youth level,” said Owen Scannell, Founder and CEO of Premier Rugby Sevens. “Our league has demonstrated significant audience growth and commercial success, and we are now channeling this momentum to inspire a new generation. By providing young players with the opportunity to learn from the best, compete against their peers, and grow within a supportive community, we are setting the foundation for a vibrant future for rugby in the United States.”

PR7s Rise encompasses three main components: PR7s Grow, PR7s Compete, and PR7s Pathways. PR7s Grow introduces new players to the sport through clinics, mentorship programs, and non-contact leagues led by professional PR7s players and coaches. PR7s Compete provides a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills at both elite and community-level tournaments. Lastly, PR7s Pathways is designed to guide talented athletes on their journey from novice to elite levels, offering intensive training and development resources.

PR7s Rise will debut in Kansas City with a PR7s Grow event at the Kansas City Current training facility from Tuesday, July 23 to Thursday, July 25. As part of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), the Current opened the world-class facility in 2022. Players of all skill levels can sign up at

The New York Locals, one of eight PR7s franchises with men’s and women’s teams, will be the first franchise to launch its own Academy Team this fall. The Locals’ goal is to provide talented men and women athletes in the New York metropolitan area with opportunities to take their game to the next level. 

“PR7s Rise will ignite a lifelong passion for rugby among youth through engaging and educational experiences,” added Mike Tolkin, General Manager of Premier Rugby Sevens. “By providing access to experienced coaching and increasing playing opportunities, PR7s Rise will help young athletes improve their skills and advance from local participants to national competitors. We are committed to building a supportive rugby community that promotes the values of teamwork and respect among its diverse participants.”

As the official youth development arm of the professional league, PR7s Rise will harness rugby sevens’ excitement and accessibility to foster the sport’s growth from grassroots to national levels. Focusing on creating high-quality, inclusive rugby experiences, the initiative upholds the core values of community, competition, and fun.

PR7s is known for breaking down gender barriers for sports in the U.S. and has achieved several firsts since launching, including:

  • The first professional sports league to launch with equal pay for male and female athletes
  • The first league for women to play professional rugby in North America
  • The first league to create a United Championship where men’s and women’s results combine into one overall ranking

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